Wilkies Peru Amazonas 75% 89/100


From the east of Peru lies the state of Amazonas, which borders all of Peru’s national parks. Wilkies source all their beans from Peru and only source criollo beans that are biodynamically grown. Once harvested the beans are shipped to Cork in Ireland where Wilkies take particular and intimate care over every element of the production process, in order to bring the full potential of the beans out, in their chocolate bars.


This is the second of Wilkies Peruvian chocolate bars that I’ve had the fortune of tasting, having tried their Tumbes offering previously. It’s another criollo variety, but this time from the Amazon rather than from the northern coast. This dramatic change of physical geography has to have an effect on the terroir of this bar regardless of it sharing the same country of origin. I’ve tried a few other bars from peru too and seen a great deal of variability in the flavour of these bars, no doubt owing to the different micro climates and ecologies of the country. So, my expectations for this bar are somewhat limited, beyond an expectation that it is likely to be different from the Tumbes in some significant way otherwise Wilkies would be unlikely to use these beans alongside the others. Opening the packaging I’m faced with miniature, but otherwise identical version of the Tumbes bar but with a lighter colour and an aroma that is somewhat familiar to me, nuts, caramel and rich cocoa. To taste the bar is again somewhat familiar, it tastes a lot like the Piura bar from Cacaosuyo, which I’ve tried, these distinctly honest flavours of hazelnuts and honeycomb balanced and brightened by a citric acidity. With a great degree of balance and clarity, this bar comes together nicely to appear pretty refined for its level of acidity. The feeling I had with this bar and with Cacaosuyo’s Piura is that they both feel pretty naked and raw, but this offers a simple honesty that provides clear and distinctive flavours, while maintaining balance, making this an easy bar to enjoy and recommend.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter

Appearance 8/10

Colour: Medium caramel brown
Texture: Fudge, light flake
Mould: Tiny 5 x 2 mould
Snap: Crisp, soft
Temp/Shine: Matte

Aroma 9.5/10

Intensity(0-10): 9
Notes: Cocoa, hazelnuts, caramel, honeycomb
Quality: Rich, bold

Melt/Mouthfeel 9/10

Length: Long
Evenness: Very even
Texture: Cream, malted milk
Quality: Full, big

Acidity 9/10

Intensity(0-10): 5
Notes: Lime, lemon
Quality: Rounded, complementary

Sweetness 9/10

Intensity(0-10): 8
Notes: Caramel, honeycomb
Quality: Developed

Flavour 9/10

Intensity(0-10): 8.5
Type: Sweet
Notes: Hazelnuts, caramel, honeycomb, lime, lemon, toasted almonds
Quality: Deep, honest

Length 8.5/10

Flavours are medium/long and come in short rounds, but round well

Finish 8.5/10

Notes: Lime, lemon toasted almonds, cocoa
Quality: Lime turns to sweet lemon, before a hint of toasted almonds and cocoa, leaving a juicy clean finish

Balance 9.5/10

Bar is overtly balanced, attributes work in harmony to improve each other, all flavours complementary, heavy structure is uniform and anchors stability

Overall 9/10

Bar is simple, but has depth, dimension and honesty in its flavour, structure is uniform, expression is distinct and honest

Wilkie’s Tasting Notes: Enjoy a wonderful burst of fruity flavours amidst a velvety smooth chocolate. This bar will surprise and delight.


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