Best of Dublin: Coffee & Chocolate Part 3

Joe’s Coffee


Tucked into the entrance way to Arnotts department store Joe’s Coffee looks modern and stylish from the outside with a penchant for the quadrilaterals and some long communal tables on the inside. We made our way to the counter to see what was on the brew menu.


With brewed options for Brazil, Colombia and Rwanda, I asked which roasters these were from and with the Colombia turning out to be The Barn’s roast of Finca Tamana my choice was easily made. While the barista brewed up the coffee on the Kalita wave, we took some seats in the window, watching Dublin’s passers by dipping in and out of the shops opposite.


Arriving with aromas of red apples and hay, to taste it delved more deeply into stewed red apples with sweet caramel notes and a flush of raspberries on the finish, soft, smooth and silky it was particularly easy to drink.

Arnotts, Liffey Street
Dublin 1

Brother Hubbard


It was an easy choice for where to go for breakfast the following day – it was that good we went there the day afterwards too – with literally every man and their dog in Dublin recommending Brother Hubbard. Somewhat corridor like Brother Hubbard is pretty snug, but its well appointed and feels homely and welcoming. Taking seats in the entrance room we tucked ourselves into the corner and browsed the extensive breakfast menu a while struggling to narrow our choices down to one. Meanwhile ordering a Guatemalan filter from 3fe to share.


The coffee arrived first, before we’d even settled on our food order with raspberry and caramel aromas, somewhat familiar, I was confident this might be the natural Los Jocotales we’d had at 3fe. To taste there was bright raspberries with chocolate and lemon tones and a big juicy mouthfeel.


After settling on the chickpea and aubergine breakfast stew with poached eggs I wasn’t disappointed, though from the looks of things I could have ordered anything off that breakfast menu without disappointment. The following days turkish eggs were great too, as was the look of every dish that landed on everyone else’s table too. There was no doubting why everyone recommended this place, the food tastes great, the coffee tastes great and the service and atmosphere is warm and friendly.

153 Capel St
Dublin 1

Indigo & Cloth


Thoroughly stylish, Indigo & Cloth stocks some remarkable clothes and accessories for the lavishly dressed members of Dublin’s public, but it’s also home to a collaborative cafe run by Dublin’s Clement & Pekoe. We should probably have visited them the other way round, but we were here and we fancied a cup of coffee, so we popped in.


With a selection of unusual roasters to choose from, we asked for the barista’s recommendations for brewed coffee. After taking us through the options he encouraged us towards a Rwandan Cyanika from The Barn, believing that the barista usually knows best, we ordered a V60 to share and took up some seats in the window while browsing some of the style magazines.


Arriving with white grape, honey and tobacco aromas, this was clearly a more delicately profiled coffee. To taste there was white flesh fruits, grapes, apricots and pink lady apples with sweet flavours of wildflower honey, subtly complex with a clean honeyed mouthfeel, this was a delicate and distinctive coffee.

9 Essex St E
Dublin 2

The Grind


Taking the train out to Howth to see some of Ireland’s beautiful physical geography and coastline we were confident about finding some picturesque scenery, but not any decent coffee. On our way round to the coastal trail we did happen across The Grind. Featuring an espresso blend made for The Grind by 3fe, we popped in to try our luck. With dark chocolate and toasted banana bread flavours it was well worth a quick detour for the caffeine pep, before a mighty uphill walk.

St Lawrence Rd, Howth

Roasted Brown


The following morning we popped into Roasted brown after breakfast at Brother Hubbard stepping up the stairs to the first floor of Dublin’s Filmbase. Quietly serene Roasted Brown’s pace felt almost meditative, with clean white lines, big open windows and delicate design flourishes we walked through to the counter. With a number of different origins available to be brewed we went for the Ethiopian Duromina brewed on a Kalita Wave, while resisting the urge to have another of Love Supreme’s cakes, if only we hadn’t just had breakfast.


The coffee arrived with lime, brown sugar and marzipan aromas, which wasn’t what I’d have expected for an Ethiopian necessarily. To taste it shifted back to a more expected profile with flavours of jasmin, clementine and soft peach, reminiscent of soft floral fruit jellies although with a peach tea like mouthfeel. This was a great example of a delicate tea like Ethiopian, which fitted in nicely with the slow, relaxed and tranquil environment.


3 Curved St, Dublin – Now Closed and reopened as –

Clement & Pekoe


Known more for its exploits in tea, Clement & Pekoe don’t relax their standards for any of their other beverages either and you’ll probably find more of their inhouse drinkers sipping on coffee, while those in the back of the shop purchase tea on retail. Checking out the filter menu I ordered up a Kenya Roi from Irish roasters Baobab Coffee on V60 as we took up some seats in the central lounge that reminded me of a university library space, littered with soft furnishings, books and magazines.


The coffee arrived with the aromas of rose wine and to taste there were flavours of pink grapefruit and rose with this big thick, but smooth body. Sadly our trip had come to an end, as we sat reminiscing on the good time we’d had in Dublin and how nice the people had been. Picking up our bags, we embraced the inevitable and headed off to the airport.

50 South William St,
Dublin 2


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