Best of Berlin: Coffee & Chocolate Part 2

Coffee Profilers 


Getting up the following day with the intention to head to Silo Coffee for brunch, the tube stop let us out conveniently across the road from Coffee Profilers and so we headed there for a quick coffee stop on the way. Entering in to the quiet soft space, we immediately relaxed from the drizzly unwelcoming weather outside and found some seats on the communal long table towards the back before we took a look over the menu. 


Unusually open and feeling part furniture store part personal coffee fanatic, we asked what the daily filter offering was. Unfortunately there was no 90+ option available as they’d sold out, but they did have a natural processed Costa Rica El Pilon from Taf coffee roasters, so we ordered up a brew and deferred the brew method to the barista.


Brewed on V60 the coffee arrived with honeyed red fruit aromas with a hint of chocolate. To taste the coffee was a mixture of honeyed red fruits, raspberry, cherry, plum with notes of sweet chocolate and a big juicy body. A big bold coffee to send us on our way.


Karl-Marx-Allee 136,
10243 Berlin

Silo Coffee


Arriving and somewhat foolishly expecting a table at peak times, we put our names down on the list and wandered around the corner to look over a local market while we waited for the tables to turn. Entering in the second time we were lucky enough to find a table in the window opening up and so we took our seats and browsed the menu of never ending delights and after much debate we settled on the dutch pancake and shakshuka.


The coffee arrived first, a diligently made capuccino and a carafe of the Ethiopian Kochere batch brew from Fjord Coffee Roasters. Wafting with aromas of dark chocolate, berries and a whiff of honeyed toast, the coffee tasted of dark berry notes with some raspberry and flavours of french toast, which matched its big syrupy body. It wasn’t long before the food arrived and I couldn’t help feeling the batch brew was meant for the the dutch pancake.


Needless to say the food was exceptional and as good as the shakshuka was, that dutch pancake might have been the best thing I ate all weekend and we ate a lot of good food. Not particularly relishing stepping back outside, we inevitably paid the bill and continued on our journey.

Gabriel-Max-Straße 4,
10245 Berlin

Winterfeldt Schokoladen


By the time we left Winterfeldt Schokoladen it was dark, hence the photo above, but as we arrived it was only cold and grey and what better place to go than somewhere that serves quality hot chocolate when the weather’s that way inclined. Making our way through the store while fighting the urge to get thoroughly engrossed in chocolate we found ourselves in the cafe at the back ready to order some hot chocolate.


Filled with delights it was hard to ignore the rest of the shop, but we settled in and browsed the menu before ordering a house dark chocolate and a rather unusually flavoured version recommended by the waitress. Order placed I took a browse round the shop, making some mental notes for later, before the hot chocolate arrived.


The hot chocolate arrived with sweet chocolatey aromas and hints of spice. To taste this was a thick bittersweet chocolate, more northern European than Italian with similarities to Aztec preparations. Perfect for warming your insides and preparing you to buy single origin bars of chocolate without going overboard.


Making our way back into the store, I used the opportunity to pick up some bars that are more difficult to get back at home, picking up three from Jordi’s chocolate and three from German Chocolatiers Georgia Ramon. With swag in tow we made our way back out into Berlin.

Goltzstraße 23,
10781 Berlin

Five Elephant


Having seen a new Five Elephant opening over the road from our hotel, we enquired as to their opening date, to find they were opening the day after we left. Fortunately there was still the original Five Elephant available to visit and so we made our way down the next morning to find them expectedly open. Making our way inside the quiet and relaxed neighbourhood cafe the space was host to on the go customers, those walking their dogs and a few locals scattered amongst the various seating.


Browsing the menu, there was options for hand brewed coffees, but having tried the Biftu Gudina earlier in the year I opted for the Guatemala El Sorocco on batch brew, ordering the Biftu Gudina on V60 instead for the other of our interested party. Unable to ignore the blueberry tart in the glass cabinet we ordered a slice of that as well.


Arriving with aromas of blueberries and red apples I felt like I’d ordered the right coffee to go with our cake. To taste the El Socorro had flavours of candied stewed fruits and toffee with a big thick body. Taking a few nostalgic sips of the Biftu Gudina I was reminded of its jasmine, peach, green tea and chrysanthemum flavours. The cake arrived with the coffee, but I think it lasted less than ten seconds by the time we’d driven our forks into it. A wonderfully serene area, with a very relaxing neighbourhood cafe. We grabbed our things and set off walking towards town.

Reichenberger Str. 101,
10999 Berlin


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