Best of Berlin: Coffee & Chocolate Part 3

Concierge Coffee


On our way back into Berlin we were lucky enough to skirt past Concierge Coffee, a cosy little spot hidden in a courtyard alley. Stepping inside, there was just enough room to swing a cat, featuring a cosy looking chair, some retail shelves and fully equipped bar at the back. Browsing the menu, we opted for a couple Ethiopian Yirgacheffe batch brews roasted by Concierge Coffee themselves.


Arriving with bright citric aromas, the coffee tasted of baked tarte au citron with a thick fruit syrup like mouthfeel, practically a dessert in a cup. Skipping the stools outside, we took our takeaway coffee with us as we headed towards the Berlinische Galerie.

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40,
10999 Berlin

The Store Kitchen


Awaking the next morning in need of some breakfast to go with our coffee, we headed to the Store Kitchen on Torstraße. Occupying the kitchen space of Soho House, the store kitchen is tucked in amongst plant shops and fashion retail spots, providing an open and airy casual hangout/dining space for people to meet, work, wander and shop around this creative retail space.


Browsing the menu we ordered a couple of the Ethiopian Sasaba batch brews, a washed coffee roasted by Bonanza Coffee to go with our avocado on toast and our scrambled eggs with dandelion greens.


The coffee arrived with aromas of peach, clementine and jasmine. To taste it was very similar to drinking smooth, clean peach juice, with just a hint of citrus. As we sipped away are eyes wandered around the room at all the lovely things for sale, before the food arrived and all our attention went back to the eggs.

Torstraße 1,
10119 Berlin

The Barn Roastery


Just down the road, we popped into the Barn Roastery on the way back to sample another couple of the brews they had on offer. Having been to The Barn a couple of days before, we knew what to expect and what coffees would be on offer.


Chatting to the barista we ordered up the Kenya Kagumoini and a Burundi Muruta, taking her advice on the brew method, she suggested the Kenyan as a V60 and the Burundi as an aeropress, never one to disagree with our barista we took up some seats opposite the brew bar in the window.


The Kenyan arrived first with baked pancake aromas, which when tasted turned into blackberries, bitter chocolate and sour raspberry torte. Thick and juicy this was a real dessert in a cup kind of coffee. The Burundi arrived a few minutes later with roasted citrus and Demerara biscuit aromas. To taste there was citrus and sour apple notes with a kind of cachaca sweetness and a wine like mouthfeel. Not one to pick favourites, but of the four coffees we’d tried from the Barn I’d probably have to pick the Rwandan as my favourite, as good as some of the others were.

Schönhauser Allee 8,
10119 Berlin

Distrikt Coffee


Making our way further along the Torstraße, we made a short detour down to Distrikt Coffee, where upon entering, we started to wonder if we were hungry enough to eat another breakfast, such was the glorious visage of pancakes and French toast making their way from the kitchen to the tables. Sadly full, we narrowed our order down to coffee only and ordered a Ethiopian Chelchele from Fyord Coffee Roasters on batch filter – a coffee I’d had before at Father Carpenter – before taking up some seats in the window.


Arriving with aromas of light roasted citrus, to taste the coffee had flavours of melon and citrus with a light berry undertone and a juicy mouthfeel. It was very similar to the one I’d had at Father Carpenter, but just a little less expressive of floral or pink attributes. Sipping our coffee and watching passers by out the window, we tried our best to forget about great breakfast option flying around behind us, before making our leave for our last destination.


Bergstraße 68,
10115 Berlin

Schoko Galerie


With not long to go before our flight, our last pit stop was Schokogalerie to peruse their collection of single origin chocolate bars. Looking like an old timey chocolate shop from the outside, you could smell the hot chocolate from the café below coming through the door way. Once inside the shelves were lined with a wealth of bean to bar makers and general chocolate curiosities.


Having very little space left in my hand luggage I sadly had to forgo purchasing anymore chocolate bars although there were a few unusual German makers that caught my eye and instead we just enjoyed browsing before sadly leaving them all behind to go catch our flight home.

Große Hamburger Str. 35,
10115 Berlin


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