Best of Krakow: Specialty Coffee Part 1



Better known for its historical experiences and its salt mines, Krakow much like Warsaw still has its ‘Old Town’, but also much like Warsaw is much more modern than you might expect. Dotted around between commercial streets, university districts and residential neighbourhoods is more of Poland’s understated yet softly passionate specialty coffee scene. Relaxed, comfortable and endearing it’s worth stopping off at many of these cafes for food as much as for the coffee.

Coffee Kiosk


Arriving into Krakow late at night, we began the next morning heading into the city and stumbling across Coffee Kiosk on the way. There were a number of clues that led us inside, not to mention our hunger for a good cup of black coffee this early in the cold morning. Stepping inside there were a number of tables in the small space and a friendly jovial atmosphere. Asking about the brew menu, we agreed on a chemex to share of Ethiopian Kochere from Polish roasters Kelleran Coffee.


Arriving with aromas of warm creamy berries, the coffee tasted of a stewed fruit medley, tutti fruittiesque with a big soft fluffy mouthfeel. We sipped away warming our hands on the cups while flicking through maps and deciding to head to Karma Coffee to get some breakfast.

Wielopole 14,
33-332 Kraków

Karma Coffee Roasters


Stepping inside early on a weekday we had the choice of seating to ourselves, which gave us time to browse the food menu before ordering. A couple of sweet and savoury pancakes later and we ordered Karma Coffee’s own Dimtu Terg, Ethiopian natural to share on V60.


Arriving with fruity dark chocolate and berry notes the coffee tasted of bright fruity and soft tayeberry and strawberry flavours with a dark chocolate finish, a good contrast to the coffee we’d had earlier at Coffee Kiosk.


Not long after the pancakes arrived and were subsequently tucked into as we finished the last of the coffee. Warm, cost and relaxing we took our time to finish before relayering to head back out into Krakow.

Krupnicza 12,
31-123 Kraków

Café Tektura


Late in the day in need of a rest we popped back to Krupnicza to head into Tektura a modern styled café, for some late afternoon coffee and cake. Browsing the menu we have a lot of choice from Warsaw roasters Coffee Republic, eventually settling on a washed Kenyan Ihara on V60 to go with our salted caramel cheesecake.


Arriving with toasted blackcurrant brioche aromas it had flavours of herbal blackcurrants and lemon toast with a big black tea like mouthfeel, which went surprisingly well with the cheesecake. As we finished our coffees we left a packed house full of Krakows young folk sipping coffees and chatting away their evenings.

Krupnicza 7,
33-332 Kraków


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