Best of Krakow: Specialty Coffee Part 2

Café Wesola


Awaking the next morning we went in search of breakfast again, obviously with a side of great coffee. Arriving at Wesola, a sort of neighbourhood café on a quieter more residential side of town, we stepped in to a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Taking up some seats in the window to watch passers by, we ordered some food from the menu and a Costa Rica Las Lamps to share on chemex from roasters Coffee Proficiency


Arriving with aromas of banana bread and honey the coffee tasted like a banana milkshake with a buttery grape finish, silky and honeyed in the mouth, this was a pretty special coffee by all accounts.


We did order some savoury food, but the standout was this Polish style sweet omelette, with cream cheese, jam and peanut butter. I wont lie, we fought over who got to finish it, the food that is rather than the coffee, but both were pretty standout. Watching some more of the world go by we paused before heading off for our day of activities.

Rakowicka 17,
31-511 Kraków

Blossom Coffee


Starting our last full day off, we headed to Blossom Coffee with the intention of ordering some food for breakfast, but got distracted by the attractive looking cakes…. Entering in there was a tonne of seating to choose from and a lot of working students to share the café with. Taking up a booth on the right, we made our way up to order – some cake – and a Colombian Luis Aya on chemex to share from Romanian roasters Sloane Coffee.


Arriving with aromas of demerara sugar and baked apples with a slight smokiness it was similar in profile to the apple cake we’d ordered. To taste it was like an apple, plum and raisin strudel with a smooth and silky mouthfeel and I started to wonder if the barista had recommended it on purpose.

Apartamenty Novum, Rakowicka 20,
31-510 Kraków

Java Coffee


On our way back through town we made it to Java Coffee, I’d been avoiding drinking their coffee so far at some of the previous cafes, instead waiting to try it at their own shop. Stepping inside, it was quiet and we were for the moment the only customers, so we browsed over their extensive origins list, eventually spotting a Finca Hartmann geisha from Panama, which we proceeded to order on V60.


Arriving with aromas of sweet red berries and biscuits, to taste their were notes of red cherry, stewed jam and rose syrup with a full syrupy mouthfeel and the usual clarity you’d expect from a geisha. Taking our time with this coffee we watched the park outside the window, before returning our cups on the last of our café visits.

Joselewicza 12,
33-332 Kraków

Soho Coffee


It was time for us to go home, so less than a 100m from our apartment we made our way to Soho Coffee for breakfast and our last coffee before the airport. We’d saved this place till last for convenience. Inside we ordered a chemex to share in the window as we waited for our Uber to the airport. Choosing an Ethiopian from roasters Dobra Coffee.


Arriving with aromas of lemon chocolate biscuits and flavours of bergamot, lemon and the flavours and body of juicy black tea. We sipped away watching the snow outside the window melt, before grabbing our bags and hopping into our ride to the airport.

Grzegórzecka 13,
31-532 Kraków



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