Best of Santorini: Specialty Coffee



Santorini is a popular destination, it’s a small island, as full of tourists as it is of locals, or so it seems. It offers all of life’s luxuries in easy to find places, but for the keener eye some of its best offerings are in the back streets, some of the best offerings are more subtle and there’s far more on this island to go in search of than merely sunsets in Oia. I’ll admit knowing where to find good coffee on this Island isn’t obvious, but in our short time here before Athens, there were a couple of cafes worth mentioning. 

Galini Cafe


Perfectly positioned on the cliff tops in Firostefani, Galini at first glance looks a lot like many of its neighbouring cafes, offering views of the sea, food, drinks etc. Though I’d argue this café tries a little harder than its neighbours to offer quality both in produce and service. Now I wont lie the views in Santorini are attractive and so we took our seats on the balcony before ordering.


Taking our chance to order a black filter coffee – ok, so not a single origin lightly roasted coffee – and a traditional greek coffee (that’s a cezve/ibrik to you and me). Both far more appreciable that I had expected, the filter coffee was a well balanced blend of lightly fruity, lightly sweet, lightly bitter black coffee with citrus elements and the traditional coffee drank like a lungo, less intense than Turkish coffee, with atypical coffee flavour. We weren’t just here for coffee and views, we’d ordered some Santorini eggs and a dutch pancake with lemon curd and blueberries too.



Needless to say the food was pretty damn edible and it was difficult to know where to start or where to finish. Having found a good place to stay we made our way out to explore the island.

Thira 847 00



Featuring the only specialty roasted we’d seen on the island – there may have been more – we’d earmarked Bloom for the following mornings breakfast, so we stopped by and took our seats in the window next to the kitchen and ordered two long blacks from Taf roasters espresso blend and some more Santorini eggs to go with a spanakopita.


Your traditional espresso blend, deep, syrupy, chocolatey with more importantly the taste of real coffee to go with some very orange egg yolks. Sufficiently satisfied again, especially with the service here, we made our way off to the beach to enjoy the Santorini sun. Our last day before Athens.

25th Martiou str.
Fira Santorini



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