Best of Warsaw: Coffee & Chocolate Part 3

Kawiarnia Filtry


In the afternoon following EmeSen, we made our way out to Kawiarnia Filtry in one of the more unsuspecting residential areas of Warsaw. Quiet and unassuming from the outside with barely a sign, but enough of a presence to direct you in, we entered and approached the counter. With a number of coffees on the brew menu we picked a Layo Tiraga from Ethiopia roasted by Polish roasters Audun Coffee brewed on V60 and a slice of ridiculous chocolate cake to go with it. Continue reading


Best of Warsaw: Coffee & Chocolate Part 2

Café Secret Life


Up again the next morning we went in search of breakfast, but made a quick stop into Café Secret Life first for coffee, before the short walk to Kawiarnia Fawory. Stepping inside Secret Life it felt a lot like a neighbourhood café, relaxed, slow and with locals taking their time over what were probably their regular orders. We enquired at the counter as to what was on the brew menu and after some language barriers the barista agreed to brew us up some coffee. Stomachs rumbling we added a slice of blueberry tart to the order to tide us over. Not fully sure what we were getting, but with coffee bags from notable roasters used like bunting on the ceiling all over the café we were pretty sure it would be good. Continue reading

Best of Warsaw: Coffee & Chocolate Part 1


Warsaw’s a bit of an understated city, it’s not big or flashy or spending millions on promoting itself as a destination with the best of everything or even as the most ‘authentic’ Polish experience. It doesn’t talk a particularly big game and before going I wasn’t overly aware of it as a specialty coffee destination, it’s not Berlin or Oslo obviously. It is, however, flourishing, with culture, authenticity and specialty coffee and not just in the ‘hip’ districts, it’s spread all over and accessible to everyone. Absolutely everybody is making hand brewed coffee and no one is making a big deal about it, they just like the good stuff, because well, it’s good. Continue reading

Best of Berlin: Coffee & Chocolate Part 3

Concierge Coffee


On our way back into Berlin we were lucky enough to skirt past Concierge Coffee, a cosy little spot hidden in a courtyard alley. Stepping inside, there was just enough room to swing a cat, featuring a cosy looking chair, some retail shelves and fully equipped bar at the back. Browsing the menu, we opted for a couple Ethiopian Yirgacheffe batch brews roasted by Concierge Coffee themselves. Continue reading

Best of Berlin: Coffee & Chocolate Part 2

Coffee Profilers 


Getting up the following day with the intention to head to Silo Coffee for brunch, the tube stop let us out conveniently across the road from Coffee Profilers and so we headed there for a quick coffee stop on the way. Entering in to the quiet soft space, we immediately relaxed from the drizzly unwelcoming weather outside and found some seats on the communal long table towards the back before we took a look over the menu.  Continue reading

Best of Berlin: Coffee & Chocolate Part 1


Berlin has more specialty coffee shops than it’s possible to visit in a week, nevermind a long weekend and with that in mind calling this a best of is a little bit on the misleading side. Berlin’s passion for specialty coffee is fairly insatiable and so if you’re going to visit you’re also going to have to decide which establishments you really want to visit and which ones it’s possible to see while taking in a wealth of culture that stretches from art to music to history to architecture and a spectacular amount of national traditions. Given the ridiculous amounts of things to see and do, here are a few of the many places I managed to have the pleasure of visiting on our trip to Berlin. Continue reading

Best of Oslo: Coffee Part 1


There’s a dedication to coffee in Oslo that you don’t often see in other cities, where the coffee itself is the thing that is respected and revered. At times it feels like you’re more likely to find a specialty coffee shop than you are a second wave coffee chain and while you might find coffeeshops selling cocktails, tea and even records, the main focus is always on the coffee. There’s no avocado instagram lifestyle with coffee as the afterthought here, just seasonally roasted coffee and casual but informed service. In a country where the Janteloven is still heavily woven into their culture these coffeeshops might downplay their successes and achievements, but with Norwegians drinking more coffee than everyone except the Finnish, it’s maybe not surprising to find that they place it on such a high pedestal.

Continue reading