Best of Vienna: Coffee and Chocolate


If you google the best coffee in Vienna, you’ll be greeted by a long list of the opulently appointed old guard of Vienna’s cafe scene, a list that stretches from the centrally located Cafe Demel on Kohlmarkt to Cafe Sperl in Vienna’s 2nd district over on Gumpendorfer Strasse. All bearing wonderfully filled glass cabinets of cakes, marble counter tops and an air of high society, only slightly clouded by the number of excited tourists indulging in their wares. This would have you believing that the Viennese coffee scene is all about enjoying dark roasts buried in milk and sugar, alongside a slice of sacher torte. But Vienna is a modern, cosmopolitan and avant guarde city, I hear you say, it’s arty, fashionable, architecturally beautiful and even its public transport is efficient. Leaving you questioning, where is Vienna’s progressive third wave coffee scene? As it turns out, it’s mainly tucked away in the side streets just outside the outer ring, sporadically littered between Karlsplatz and the University. Whatever Vienna’s specialty coffee scene lacks in social media presence, it certainly doesn’t lack in quantity or quality. Having visited 7 coffee shops across Vienna I’m still not convinced that I’ve accurately covered the size of Vienna’s burgeoning specialty coffee scene. Continue reading