A Brief Tour of Italy: Specialty Coffee


Italy is a country of tradition, that much is clear visiting the long heralded espresso culture prevalent in Naples. There’s a love of coffee, but one that’s steeped in the nostalgic rituals of short pulled espresso shots and moka pots. That’s slowly changing and more and more single origin espresso and even filter coffee is beginning to peak through the menagerie of counter top standing espresso bars where coffees are drunk as quickly as they are made. A caffe e cornetto is certainly not disappearing anytime soon, but for those looking for a little something more there’s a bunch of passionate individuals willing to bridge that gap.  Continue reading


Best of Paris: Coffee & Chocolate Part 3

Chocolat Chapon


Selling more than just chocolate bars, Chocolat Chapon are also well known for their ice creams, their chocolates and above all their single origin chocolate mousses. Arriving a suitable time after breakfast we popped inside to pick up some chocolate bars from their healthy selection of single origins and also to try one of those fabled mousses.  Continue reading

Best of Paris: Coffee & Chocolate Part 2


After an unbelievably good breakfast at Hardware Societe, featuring espresso based beverages from Melbourne based coffee roasters Padre Coffee, we made our way across town to 10 Belles for some filter coffee. Continue reading

Best of Paris: Coffee & Chocolate Part 1


Paris, the capital of all things couture, was one of the later adopters of specialty coffee, but it’s a scene that has blossomed so significantly that it’s impossible to visit all of its cafes in a week, never mind a short trip. As a city of romance, it’s clear that Parisians have fallen in love with lighter roasts and distinct expressions of terroir, just like they have with wine, cheese and chocolate. There’s a very definite offering of all things distinguished and there’s a shop selling something interesting on nearly every street. Strolling the boulevards, parks and galleries it’s easy to be enchanted by the city as you make it from one destination to the next. Continue reading

Best of Barcelona Coffee Part 1


Barcelona might not be the capital of Spain, but many have called it the cosmopolitan or cultural capital before and it’s not hard to see why. Modern, but traditional, Barcelona is big on its Catalan heritage, but it also embraces progression and that’s why you can find a whole host of specialty coffee across the city, especially quality cold brew given the frequent sweltering summer temperatures. While this isn’t a comprehensive list of Barcelona’s specialty coffee purveyors, it is a list of the ones I managed to fit in over a few days exploring the city. Continue reading

Best of Warsaw: Coffee & Chocolate Part 3

Kawiarnia Filtry


In the afternoon following EmeSen, we made our way out to Kawiarnia Filtry in one of the more unsuspecting residential areas of Warsaw. Quiet and unassuming from the outside with barely a sign, but enough of a presence to direct you in, we entered and approached the counter. With a number of coffees on the brew menu we picked a Layo Tiraga from Ethiopia roasted by Polish roasters Audun Coffee brewed on V60 and a slice of ridiculous chocolate cake to go with it. Continue reading

Best of Warsaw: Coffee & Chocolate Part 2

Café Secret Life


Up again the next morning we went in search of breakfast, but made a quick stop into Café Secret Life first for coffee, before the short walk to Kawiarnia Fawory. Stepping inside Secret Life it felt a lot like a neighbourhood café, relaxed, slow and with locals taking their time over what were probably their regular orders. We enquired at the counter as to what was on the brew menu and after some language barriers the barista agreed to brew us up some coffee. Stomachs rumbling we added a slice of blueberry tart to the order to tide us over. Not fully sure what we were getting, but with coffee bags from notable roasters used like bunting on the ceiling all over the café we were pretty sure it would be good. Continue reading