Pralus Madagascar Criollo 75% 87.5/100


This bar is made using cocoa harvested from Ambanja, in the Sambirano Valley from an area rich in Criollo trees. Once harvested these beans are shipped to Pralus’s manufacturing plant in Roanne, where he turns them into his world famous chocolate bars. Continue reading

Jordi’s Madagascar Befojo 75% 87.5/100


This bar is made using trinitario beans grown from saplings that originated in Java, on Betrtil Akesson’s Befojo farm in the fertile Sambirano valley located in the north west of Madagascar. Once harvested and shipped they arrive in Hradec Králové, 50 miles east of Prague, where founders Jiří Stejskal and Lukáš Koudelka help to turn these into one of Jordi’s chocolate bars. Continue reading

Michel Cluizel Madagascar Plantation Mangaro 65% 88.5/100


This bar is created from Trinitario cocoa beans from the Mangaro plantation in Madagascar. Once harvested these beans are shipped to Damville in Normandy just west of Paris to Manufacture Cluizel to be turned into one of their single plantation chocolate bars. Continue reading

Taylor & Bennett 64% Madagascar Dark Chocolate 87.5/100


From a mix of criollo and trinitario cocoa beans from Madagascar this bar is Made by Taylor & Bennett in Leeds. With Dan Bennett, formerly of Melt Chocolates in Notting Hill responsible for producing the chocolate and James Taylor responsible for the unique branding that features packaging made using cacao husks in the material process.   Continue reading

Dick Taylor 72% Madagascar Black Fig 88/100


Located in the north west of Madagascar, the Sambirano Valley is responsible for producing some of the fruitiest chocolate that you’re likely to taste with these particular beans coming from one of Bertil Akesson’s plantation. Once harvested these beans are shipped to a small factory in Eureka, California, where two wooden boat builders, Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor take three weeks to turn them into one of their chocolate bars. Continue reading

Åkesson’s Madagascar Ambolikapiky Plantation 100% Criollo 90/100


Bertil Åkesson owns cacao plantations in Brazil, Indonesia and most famously in Madagascar and chances are that if you’re eating single origin Madagascan chocolate from craft bean to bar makers, it’ll be his beans that you’re eating. Ambolikapiky is one of four cacao growing estates in the north western region of Madagascar located in the Sambirano Valley near Ambanja, but it’s the main one Bertil uses to make his own Madagascan bars. Åkesson’s only grow about 2 tonnes of criollo every year, so in a sense this is a rare bar from a limited crop. Continue reading