I’m a big fan of all things craft, specialty, artisan, whatever you want to call them, you know, the ‘Good Stuff’. Whether it be well constructed garments, farmhouse cheese or loose leaf tea, I’m a big fan of the quality, the flavours and the passionate individuals who make these products possible. Here, you’ll mostly find me talking about my experiences with specialty coffee, through coffee festivals and trips abroad or writing craft chocolate reviews; scoring chocolate bars in an attempt to learn more about cocoa, where it comes from, what it tastes like and how chocolate makers turn cocoa beans into wonderful bars of chocolate. You can also find me on twitter:@comconnoisseur tweeting about both of these and on Instagram:CommoditiesConnoisseur more liberally including outfit and brunch creations into the mix.

If you want to contact me to collaborate, for consultation, or just for a chat, you can email me here troygammon86@gmail.com


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  1. Kin + Pod, kinpod.ca, from Calgary has incredible chocolate, with cacao sourced from sustainable farms and from the hands of labourers paid a living wage. Plus she just won 3 gold medals at the Internation Chocolate Competition! Your site is an enjoyable read, keep it up!


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