The Best ‘Value for Money’ Craft Chocolate Bars


The world of craft chocolate can be a daunting place, it can be hard to know what you might like and even harder to find it. With origin lists as long as your arm and lists of chocolate makers even longer, it can be difficult to know where to start or where to stop in looking for your perfect chocolate bar. For some that’s part of the pleasure of craft chocolate, the journey of discovering different flavours, different origins and different makers, but it all comes at a cost, one that newcomers to craft chocolate might find difficult to stomach. Fortunately it’s not like looking for a bottle of wine, no matter how loose your purse strings, it’s unlikely you’ll be spending more than £20 for a bar of chocolate and while some bars might seem pricey, there’s often a lot of good reasons to pay more for your chocolate. That said, it’s always nice to feel like you’re getting value for money and with the aim of encouraging all those thinking of dipping their toes in the water, to dive straight in, I’ve compiled a list of bean to bar craft chocolate makers that not only make great chocolate, but offer great value for money too.   Continue reading


Chocolate Tree Peru Chililique 70% 91.5/100


This bar is made with beans sourced direct from Chililique in the north west of Peru, in collaboration with CacaoTales. You can read about the farm and the visit here. Once harvested these beans are shipped to Haddington just east of Edinburgh to Chocolate Tree’s factory where husband and wife team Alastair & Friederike Gower turn these beans into one of Chocolate Tree’s chocolate bars. Continue reading

Ritual Chocolate Peru Maranon 75% 89.5/100


This bar is made with pure Nacional cacao from the remote Maranon river valley in the Cajamarca region of Peru. Once harvested and processed these beans are shipped to Park City, Utah where Ritual Chocolate use traditional European methods to turn them into one of their chocolate bars. Continue reading

J. D. Gross Peru Amazonas 60% 84/100


From east central Peru on the border with the Brazilian state of Amazonas, this bar is made with trinitario beans from the Ucayali region of Peru. Once harvested they’re shipped to Berlin where Rausch Schokolade turn them into one of their chocolate bars, before rebranding them as J. D. Gross for Lidl. Continue reading

Moser Roth Peru 62% 82.5/100


This bar is made using beans from Peru. Once harvested these beans are shipped to the Reinickendorf borough of Berlin where they are processed by Moser Roth. Moser Roth has been owned by parent company Storck since 2007. All of Moser Roth’s chocolate is UTZ certified and you can read more about what it means to be ‘UTZ certified’ at

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