Pump Street Bakery Ecuador Hacienda Limon Workshop Coffee Ecuador Murray Cooper 66% 91/100



This bar is made using Nacional Arriba cacao beans grown at Hacienda Limon, which is situated in central Ecuador inland from the coast in Los Rios. You can read more about the farm on Pump Street Bakery’s website http://www.pumpstreetbakery.com/chocolate/ecuador. Once processed these beans are shipped to the small Suffolk coastal town of Orford for turning into one of Pump Street’s single origin chocolate bars at Pump Street’s new chocolate factory. Continue reading


Manchester Coffee Festival 2018 Part 2

North Star x Oatly


I don’t drink a lot of coffee with milk in, I mostly drink black filter coffee as I feel this offers the most honest expression of a coffee, but with North Star collaborating with Oatly, I was a little curious to see how one of the newer milk alternatives held up next to espresso. North Star were serving their El Salvador on espresso a coffee I’ve become familiar with and it’s good in milk without being overly expressive of individual flavours, so it seemed like a perfect coffee to see how the milk performed. Continue reading

Manchester Coffee Festival 2018 Part 1

Manchester Coffee Festival

Manchester Coffee Festival

Coffee festivals of the past – and still some of the present – have been loud, exciting and more akin to a party atmosphere than to the natural relaxed ambience of a coffeeshop. They were about the discovery and the excitement of something relatively new; great tasting, ethically sourced and lightly roasted specialty coffee. This year at Cup North or Manchester Coffee Festival, as it’s more commonly referred to these days, it was a little different, it was relaxed, somewhat casual and of a slower pace, which isn’t to say it was boring, far from it, just considerably more comfortable. It was less amped up, there was more seating and the exhibitors were more at ease welcoming conversation, compared to the strained voices of Sunday afternoons gone by. It felt like being in one big coffee shop, admittedly with more coffee than it’s possible to drink in one day, but it felt more like the places we already love, friendly and familiar, although still a showcase event, just with less of the noisy distractions. Continue reading

Best of Athens: Specialty Coffee Part 2

Mr Bean


Waking up the next morning we headed out for some more coffee and made our way to Mr Bean coffee roasters, making ourselves known and then taking some seats outside on the deck. We asked the barista what he would recommend from his lengthy list of origins, we were suggested to have an Indonesian on chemex to share. A coffee which was fermented and soaked, much like the monsooned process applied to Indian coffees.  Continue reading

Best of Athens: Specialty Coffee Part 1




Athens is a city of two halves. One half is built with ancient stone, steeped in history and brought back to life with throngs of flashing cameras and walking tours, the other half is a slow moving leafy parade of cafes and leisurely culture, families sharing lunch together and friends relaxing in the baking heat of the summer. One half is empty streets filled with disused lots of businesses from times gone by, the other half, a concentration of modern quality focussed businesses that would survive by passion and desire alone in any economic storm. Mostly though, its friendly, sincerely so. Continue reading

Best of Santorini: Specialty Coffee



Santorini is a popular destination, it’s a small island, as full of tourists as it is of locals, or so it seems. It offers all of life’s luxuries in easy to find places, but for the keener eye some of its best offerings are in the back streets, some of the best offerings are more subtle and there’s far more on this island to go in search of than merely sunsets in Oia. I’ll admit knowing where to find good coffee on this Island isn’t obvious, but in our short time here before Athens, there were a couple of cafes worth mentioning.  Continue reading

Best of Krakow: Specialty Coffee Part 2

Café Wesola


Awaking the next morning we went in search of breakfast again, obviously with a side of great coffee. Arriving at Wesola, a sort of neighbourhood café on a quieter more residential side of town, we stepped in to a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Taking up some seats in the window to watch passers by, we ordered some food from the menu and a Costa Rica Las Lamps to share on chemex from roasters Coffee ProficiencyContinue reading