Dormouse Chocolates Venezuela Trincheras 70% 91.5/100


Las Trincheras is a cacao growing town, down the inland road from Puerto Cabello situated in the high altitude rainforest hills of the northern Venezuelan coast. Once harvested they’re shipped to the Old Grenada Studios in Manchester where Isobel and Karen turn them into one of their single origin chocolate bars.

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Land Nicaragua Nicalizo 73% 90/100


Grown in the tropical forests of the northern mountains of Nicaragua towards the Honduran border, these beans are a Trinitario-Acriollado variety that has been designated Heirloom cacao number 8 by Once harvested the beans are shipped to Bethnal Green in London where Phil Landers turns them into one of his wonderfully packaged chocolate bars. Continue reading

Best of Berlin: Coffee & Chocolate Part 3

Concierge Coffee


On our way back into Berlin we were lucky enough to skirt past Concierge Coffee, a cosy little spot hidden in a courtyard alley. Stepping inside, there was just enough room to swing a cat, featuring a cosy looking chair, some retail shelves and fully equipped bar at the back. Browsing the menu, we opted for a couple Ethiopian Yirgacheffe batch brews roasted by Concierge Coffee themselves. Continue reading

Valrhona Blond Dulcey 32% 86/100


This bar is made from cocoa butter and is absent of cocoa powder or solids, presenting itself as a new style of chocolate, blond, as opposed to white. This bar is produced by Valrhona at their factory in Tain-l’Hermitage, part of the Rhone Valley, an area particularly famous for growing wine. Continue reading

Valrhona Lait Tanariva 33% 82/100


This bar is made with beans from Madagascar. Once harvested these beans are shipped to Le Harve and then driven to Tain-l’Hermitage, part of the Rhone Valley, an area particularly famous for growing wine, where Valrhona turn them into one of their Grand Cru chocolate bars. Continue reading